Simple Allergic Conjunctivitis

Simple Allergic Conjunctivitis

It is characterized by itching,hyperamia,and mild papillary response.


It occurs due to subsiquent mast cell activation,following exposure of ocular surface to airborne allergens such as tree and grass pollens.


It comprise vascular,cellular and conjunctival responses.


  • Intense itching and burning sensation
  • Watery mucus,stringy discharge
  • Mild photophobia


  • Hyperamia and chemosis
  • Mild papillary reaction may be seen on palpebral conjunctiva
  • Edematious lid is often present


  • Artificial tears like carboxymethyl cellulose which provide soothing effect
  • Dual action antihistamines and mast cell stabilizers such as olopatadine and ketotifen
  • Topical vasoconstrictors provide immediate decongestion
  • Steroids eyedrops should be avoided. However these may be prescribed for short duration in severe and non responsive patients.

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