Beyond 20/20 Vision

Beyond 20/20 Vision

It is said that when the eyes are in the state of relaxation, it is found that the eyesight appears to improve. Well, the truth is this technique not only improves focus, but stretches sharp vision to normal and beyond. Lets say even if you have the excellent vision (20/20), still you can improve it. There is technique where you can push the vision beyond 20/20. Recently, I read the book “Improve Your Eyesight Naturally”. I was really curious when the author mentioned that a normal vision (20/20) can go beyond it. I started to go through it and found the process. When I tried it by myself, to a wonder, i feel that somewhere my vision has got better than before.

20/20 vision

I remember a workshop in Istanbul where there were a number of people who had naturally good eyesight. They attended my workshop because they wanted to keep it that way. We had a splendid view over the Bosphorus, so I suggested we play around with our visual abilities. There is a technique you can use to push vision beyond 20/20. First look at something further away than you actually need to see. In this case we used the buildings on the Asian side of the Bosphorus. Next look at something closer up. You will find that your eyes will then find it easier to focus on the nearer object.

Improve Your Eyesight Naturally : Leo Angart


1. First look at something further away than you actually need to see.

2. Next look at something closer up.

3. You will find that your eyes will then find it easier to focus on the nearer object.

When you practice the mentioned process above a lot and do some swinging to the object which is far, believe me, your eyes will follow according to your intention. You will be extending your visual capability, when you send your attention out to the beyond of your normal. As we all know, whenever you cross your limitations, you gain a new record. The same thing happens here.

Some examples taken from the author’s article

Rescue teams flying over wilderness areas attempting to spot people lost or in distress use an imaginary grid as they focus on progressively smaller and smaller objects. The spotters with the best track record all have similar strategies.

Lets see another example during the First World War, the men who flew fighter planes did not have instruments to guide them so had to rely on good eyesight. The most successful pilots deliberately sent their eyes 10 kilometers out into the sky. The eyes will naturally settle a few hundred meters into space if you do not send your attention further out.

And the same goes when you are driving a car. You send eyes out to the horizon, to the road far ahead, to the car in front of you and so on. You let your eyes roam the landscape. And you will soon be noticing that your vision is improving.

Hunters are another group of people who naturally have great vision strategies. A hunter will scan the land ahead and notice things that are a little bit different, such as a few leaves on a tree that do not move in the right way because a deer is hiding there. Many hunters say they are looking for things that aren’t there. Their minds are automatically attracted to things that are different, and their eyes will go to that point and instantly focus on a minute detail. It is a chunking down process where you notice a tree, then a particular branch, then a cluster of leaves and finally just one leaf or even the tip of a leaf. During this chunking down process your eyes will automatically follow your attention. In other words, your mind will control where your eyes will travel.

Another way of practicing your distance vision is to use the technique of looking at something that is further away than what you actually wish to see. Your eyes will attempt to focus on that distant object. When you look back at the object you wanted to see, you will notice that your eyes find it much easier to make it out. Experiment with this as you are driving. Look at road signs that are far away in the distance and then at ones that are closer and you will probably find that your vision begins to travel out much further than before.

Like the First World War fighter pilots who deliberately sent their eyes 10 kilometers out into the sky, your eyes will also respond to the same strategy and begin to see things in the far distance. If you would like to develop eagle eyes, play around with some of the ideas I have touched upon here. Make it a game which you can play all the time, whether you are walking, driving or simply relaxing.

Exercise to improve distance vision

Prepare for this exercise by palming for a few minutes. If you are not aware of what palming is, I will soon write about it and link it up, meanwhile you can look at the wiki to see.

1. Take an eye-chart or a magazine with different sizes of text and place it in good daylight at eye level. Take a standing position far enough away from the chart so the letters are separate but not clear.

2. Start a long swing past the chart, moving the head and body far to one side, then far to the other side, whilst not looking at anything in particular. The chart or magazine will seem to move by as you pass first one way and then the other.

3. Keep swinging and shorten your swing from 50 cm on one side of the chart to 50 cm on the other side. Let the top of the chart pass just below your line of vision so that you are not actually looking at it. If you have difficulty imagining this motion, close your eyes for a moment as you swing and the motion will come more easily.

4. Shorten the swing to 25 cm on each side of the chart, then to 15 cm, then to 5 cm, always keeping the top edge in rhythmic motion from side to side. Remember to breathe throughout this exercise and do a few rest swings with closed eyes now and then, imagining the motion as you swing.

5. When the chart has minimum motion from side to side, take a deep breath and flash all the way down the letters. They will be clear.

Practice this exercise for 5 minutes a few times every day as you move further and further away from the chart on your way

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